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You’re in good hands! Meet the people working hard to help you stay ahead of insurance companies while managing your insurance participation.

Nick Partridge

Paul Saueressig
VP, Business Development

Melissa Kovach
Product Development Manager

Courtney Oplich
Human Resources Generalist

Michelle Burwell
Manager, Finance

Donna Bares
Credentialing Manager

Shani Sandler
Manager, IT

Joe Artl
Practice Analyst

Amanda Petersen
Market Research Analyst

April Weber
Business Analyst

Andy Attina
Revenue Analyst

Sue Rebeta
Market Research Coordinator

Alaina Johnson
Client Experience Rep

Cathy Kornuta
Client Experience Rep

Kush Patel
Systems Developer

Crystal Fraley
Client Experience Representative- Orthodontist Specialist

Cassie Swango
Client Experience Rep

Casey Morse
Medicaid & Large Group Specialist

Alyssa Bandsuh
Insurance Coordinator

Theresa Carona
Insurance Coordinator

Ashley Carnes
Insurance Coordinator

Jen Nagy
Client Services Advisor

Maureen Cari
Sales Coordinator

Emily Partridge
Sales Coordinator

Divya Nahata

Marija Mikulic

Michael Alexander-Leeks
Client Experience Representative

Elliott Campanalle
Credentialing Sales Coordinator

Erika Nockengust
Insurance Coordinator

Garrett Polen
Client Experience Coordinator

Jennifer Jacobson
Credentialing Coordinator

Victoria Brown
Client Experience Representative – EOB Specialist

Joe Miller

Megan Conley
Client Experience Manager

Shelby Jones
Credentialing Coordinator

Victoria Konkle
Credentialing Coordinator

Khalila Warren
Account Care Specialist

Anna Korenewych

Jimmy Schmiedicker

Ruth Saueressig


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