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Practice Acquisition

Buying a practice is exciting, but there are many challenges you might not be thinking about. For example, are you going to be in the same PPO’s as the previous owner? When are you going to start billing under your new tax id? What should you tell patients in the meantime? Let 5Lakes help you transition your practice so you can focus on other aspects.


Step 1 – Determine Appropriate PPO Participation

The 5Lakes proprietary Insurance Analysis results in a customized insurance participation strategy for your office.

Startup Analysis
Maximize insurance reimbursements with PPO negotiations and optimizationsX
Collection, analysis and ranking of PPO fee schedules across more than 20 insurance plansX
Assistance in setting office fees based on market dataX
8 credentialing applications/TIN changesX
2 hours of staff insurance training with an insurance workbook for your teamX
EOB Support to ensure claims payment accuracyX

Additional Startup Services

The 5Lakes Market Analysis is ideal for doctors interested in scouting a potential location or to supplement a practice acquisition.

✓ Listing of local competitors and the PPO’s they participate with
✓ Research local employers to determine if they offer dental benefits and if so, which carriers
✓ Demographics

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