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Great PPO Negotiation Success


I highly recommend using Five Lakes! Negotiating insurance fees has become a situation where you need a broker that specializes in that area to do that for you. Most importantly, Five Lakes frees up time for our employees to focus on patients. We have found that the 1-3% increase in in-network fees that Five Lakes has negotiated has increased our revenue approximately $100,000.00 per year.

When compared against their fees, it doesn’t take a smart person long to figure out that the return on investment in Five Lakes is well worth it. They have great teams that work directly with you on any issues and most of the time they call me more than I call them because they are actively negotiating new changes for us. All we do now is implement!

– Jay Bourland, Abilene Pediatric Dental & Bourland-Soben Dentistry – Abilene, TX