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Startup Practice

Today, most practices participate widely in 5 or more insurance networks. As a result, you are focused on increasing reimbursements to maintain your standard of care, staffing and income.

In considering a partner to help you increase reimbursements, consider the following:

– Why have my fees decreased or remained stagnant while my costs continue to rise?

– What do I need to do to prepare to negotiate with insurance companies?

– How much better can 5Lakes negotiate than my office manager?

– Really, how crazy is the insurance game today? Do I need a company to help?


Determine Appropriate PPO Participation and Implement The Strategy

The 5Lakes proprietary Insurance Analysis results in a customized insurance participation strategy for your office.

Startup Analysis
Maximize insurance reimbursements with PPO negotiations and optimizationsX
Collection, analysis and ranking of PPO fee schedules across more than 20 insurance plansX
Assistance in setting office fees based on market dataX
8 credentialing applicationsX
2 hours of staff insurance training with an insurance workbook for your teamX
EOB Support to ensure claims payment accuracyX
Five Lakes Startup GuideX